Norwood Services

We drill into the details before you drill the prospect.

At Norwood, we provide more than comprehensive services – we provide insight. Our highly skilled professional landmen bring both expertise and dedication to every project, earning the trust and loyalty of our clients. From prospect to production, we understand that quality is in the details.

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Lease Takeoffs

After performing an initial leasehold check in the identified area, we work closely with our GIS department to provide a thorough and accurate map of available acreage and competition in the area. NLS recently performed a vast lease takeoff spanning multiple counties through which we identified an area with enough open acreage to put together a 200,000-acre contiguous leasehold position.

Mineral & Leasehold Ownership

Once an area of interest has been designated, NLS performs mineral title on each tract of land to identify the exact mineral ownership on the properties prior to lease acquisition. We identify all working interest owners and provide reports detailing their working interest percentage and net revenue interest. NLS also has extensive experience providing leasehold reports for the acquisition of producing properties.

GIS Mapping

Our two GIS specialists have a combined 16 years of experience in mapping oil and gas projects ranging from title, leasing, curative, ROW, and seismic permitting. The primary tool our GIS department uses is ESRI ArcView 10, in conjunction with a myriad of other software, including Drilling Info, AutoDesk 2010, Greenbrier Deed Plotter, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Data East XTools Pro. We can deliver our outputs in a wide range of formats, including ESRI, Petra, Land Pro, OGSYS or any open-source GIS software. Norwood GIS has a vast library of GIS data and the capability to acquire new data to quickly and cost-effectively map all of our projects.

Lease Acquisition

NLS identifies all mineral owners in a given area of interest and negotiates on behalf of our clients for the best possible material terms and lease form provisions, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of establishing production. NLS has been involved in multiple leasing projects across our operating areas and has put together numerous blocks of drillable acreage ranging in size from a few hundred acres to several hundred thousand acres.

Abstracting for Title Opinions

Establishing clean title is crucial prior to investing time and money into drilling a well. NLS builds abstracts of title, also called runsheets, and organizes all documents in the chain of title to allow for the rendering of a Title Opinion. Our runsheets are tailored specifically to the needs of you or your chosen title attorney, and prepared with the highest level of accuracy and organization so that the firm can render an opinion efficiently – and save you money. We can provide digital runsheets with links to supporting documents, the more traditional hard copy runsheets, or a combination of the two. We understand that our clients invest millions of dollars in the drilling process, and work hard to perform title work that provides a solid foundation and peace of mind.

Title Curative

NLS specializes in a wide array of title curative services. Our experience and expertise is instrumental when it comes to curing title defects found in Drilling Title Opinions, Supplemental Title Opinions and Division Order Title Opinions. Our goal is to work hand in hand with our clients to ensure title is free and clear of any defects that could inhibit current or future drilling operations. To date, we have cured title on over 22,000 acres of land and cleared more than 80 wellbores.

Due Diligence

NLS has the knowledge and capability to tackle all phases of the Due Diligence process. We support your acquisition or divestiture team as they comb through all of the details relating to the properties included in your acquisition, with special attention to evaluation and review of producing properties. We can provide turnkey Due Diligence on your whole project or drill down to specific tasks for your team, including but not limited to:

  • Title Opinions
  • County Records
  • Production Records
  • Lease Files
  • Well Files
  • JOA Review
  • Exploration Agreements and Farmout Agreements

Surface Inspections

Through our on-site surface inspections for acquisitions of operated properties, we inventory equipment and confirm that there are no apparent environmental issues. We also investigate governmental records to ensure all wells are in compliance with state and local agencies.

Surface Negotiations

NLS meets with the surface owner to discuss the activities that will take place on the future location. We ensure that the wells are properly staked and that a good relationship is established between you and your surface owners. We have staked hundreds of wells from the Barnett Shale to West Texas and this experience is a great advantage to our clients as we can anticipate problems and develop real and useful solutions to prevent relations from turning sour.

Title Records Management

NLS makes it a point to treat our clients’ confidential information in just that manner, confidentially. We understand the value of neat and orderly files that are well catalogued for ease of use. We take pride in delivering files to our clients that are easily understood and we keep a copy on hand so your information is always accessible in the event that a file is lost or misplaced.

Right of Way Acquisition

NLS has extensive experience acquiring ROW Agreements linking wells to sales pipelines. We identify routes utilizing GIS mapping and obtain ROW to allow installation and operation of gathering lines. NLS tracks progress in a detailed construction booklet to ensure all lines are laid within the easements and all surface requirements are met.

Seismic Permitting

NLS works with clients and third party seismic contractors to acquire surface and mineral permits to allow seismic operations. We are well versed in settling surface damages related to crop loss or other normal disturbances caused by vibe trucks and vehicles utilized in data acquisition. From rural shoots covering thousands of acres to urban shoots requiring thousands of permits, we have the experience and the expertise to keep things running smoothly.

Regulatory Permitting

NLS works with state and local agencies to permit surface locations, pipeline installation and seismic shoots in urban areas.

  • NLS has experience in leasing federal lands from the BLM and is available to attend lease sales on behalf of our clients.
  • NLS has experience in acquiring water from state and local agencies for use in drilling and completion operations. On multiple occasions we have worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to acquire and transfer water from state parks to our clients’ locations.

Prospect Generation

NLS has developed contacts in multiple producing basins over the years and as such, we are able to leverage those contacts into new prospects for current and prospective clients. We have a proven track record of getting companies into the areas of plays they want to be in even when everything appears “leased up.” If your goal is 5,000 to 15,000 acres in the heart of a hot play, know that NLS can give you the insight you need to secure the acreage at the best terms possible. 

Custom Land Management

Each company we work for is very different and we take the time to understand the strategic vision of our clients. Through our Custom Land Management we’ve been able to supplement small- to medium-sized independents' land functions and provide as much “in-house” capacity as they need to get a project off the ground. This has been especially helpful for several of our startup clients and those who are experiencing rapid growth. We offer management of lease administration, division orders, royalty distribution, lease payments, owner relations, accounting reporting and a host of other services that go along with land-related functions. Call us today to discuss your project and we can develop a customized plan to fit your needs, big or small.